The Impact of Ending Unemployment Benefits

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At 11 time is running out for hoosiers collecting federal pandemic Unemployment benefits. Indiana will stop taking part in the federal program next month. It’S one way that state leaders hope to help businesses find workers, but experts, we’ve talked to say. There are multiple reasons for the current labor shortage, including child care, wrtv’s cornelius hawker learned for some families. The decision not to work is a tough one that comes down to protecting the lives of their children.

Like many families across central indiana, the greshas have faced challenges during this pandemic. It’S been a balancing act all year with kids and work Unemployment bills to pay the extra Unemployment pandemic. Benefits from the federal government really helped this family that depended on income from a hard hit industry. I’M a small business owner. My business revolves around people traveling for business and for pleasure and people going to large events like concerts and sporting events, but they haven’t been living lavishly by any means we were barely getting by with to begin with, when you factor in our medical expenses, mortgage business Has picked up for tyler, the extra Unemployment benefits were helping him stay afloat, but those will be gone in a month.

Governor holcomb is ending all federally funded, cova 19 benefits. He says as a way to encourage hoosiers to get back to work. Families, like the grecious, say it’s not that simple. What is getting back to work for you and how does that look in regards to your family’s health, my daughter, who’s at high risk would be completely susceptible to um. Getting covered.

Harper is seven and has down syndrome. Studies have shown those with the genetic disorder are at greater risk of being hospitalized or worse if they catch covet. 19. Annie and tyler have been able to protect harbor and their 11 year old holden these past 14 months, but the end of federal Unemployment benefits could mean the end of their setup. Goodnight we’re left between a rock and a hard place when it comes to both of us, going back to work and having child care.

The aggressors are sharing their story because they want to work but wish the Unemployment benefits could continue at least until kids, younger than 12 can get vaccinated. It’S not us being lazy, it’s us being practical and us being safe. We’Re not asking holcomb to extend anything. We’Re just asking him to not cut it short working for you, cornelius hawker, wrtv,

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