President Trump And Melania Trump Leave The White House

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Over to Hallie Jackson, because the question of where the Republican party stands right now is as a fascinating one, and it’s going to come to a leader pretty soon in congress in the senate, where an impeachment contest is about to be held as well. Talk about, first of all, vice president Mike pence, which has now been the staunchest and most loyal to the very end with president trump until the capital insurrection, where his own life was threatened. And now you see that distance and it’s so notable today, Hallie that vice president pence is going to attend to the inauguration and not chairperson trump’s goodbye gathering at Andrews air force base joint base, Andrews uh. So talk about where the Republican party is where it get from here so Savannah, that’s exactly the yarn that I was thinking about as you and chuck were having that conference about vice president pence, often right at any of the other moments in the four years that I’ve been flooding chairman Donald trump. You would appreciate the vice president at his side. He is not going to be, in fact it’s Mike pence who’s going to be conducting what we often think of as the trappings of the presidency, as it relates to the what you described as the changing of the sentry is the handoff there. It is the vice president, who will be attending the inauguration. It is the vice president, who has been stepping into that role in the absence frankly, of chairperson trump’s desire to do that. So that is one of the things that we’re going to be watching today. Those dynamics and how it plays out the relationship between those two leaders Savannah between the president and vice president, distributed according to my sources, is just broken. It is not like it was, it is not ever going to be like it was again as the vice president departs. The white house staffers start as well as we take a look at the south lawn now and just to give kinfolks a perspective. We have examined the president trumps do this walk about a billion times through the course of his presidency. From a different vantage point, this is often where he stops and talks to reporters before getting on marine one. You hear that chopper noise. In the background, it’s unlikely he’ll stop and talk today. He might you can see the people on the left of your screen. Those are members of the pool other reporters waiting to hear from the president, but you look ahead at what’s next, he will be in Mar-a-Lago, but this impeachment trial that you invoked will be happening in the senate, and this is going to be a test for many Republican, it’s going to make 17 Republicans to mostly cross the aisle and elect with Democrat to imprison the president trump mitch. McConnell, the the senate supervisor, the senate Republican leader, has all but given permission tacitly for Republicans to do that by saying he himself and publicly saying in ways that have been communicated to the media, that he is open one course or the other. He is not ruling out a potential belief, we’re not just talking about people like you know, senator mitt, Romney, right, senator Susan Collins, people who have been considered in kind of that. Never trump camp or trump skeptical camp that have often come out and uttered their concern or disappointment with the president. Were talking about the potential for many more Republicans. In fact, Mitch McConnell is the one who is able to open the door for that once this ordeal begins and the state of the Republican party, it that’s the short-term piece of it right, but you look at the medium and the longer term piece. There is a reckoning that is already happening about how this party either comes together or doesn’t in the post-trump era, which is beginning in just about four hours from now, because you have to remember, while chairman trump has disheartened, disappointed infuriated some reactionaries here in Washington and Many Republicans around the country, including the route he inspired that revolution at the capitol merely here a couple of weeks ago. He still does have a hardcore base of steadfast advocates and there will be – and there are right now – some Republican who are hoping to tap into that. You look at the actions of, for example, senator Josh Hawley over the last couple of weeks. The things that he has done, the things he has previewed that he will do as it relates to this impeachment trial, somebody who seems to be looking to make the mantle, the trump presidency Savannah as we understand the president, walk out. Lets watch these paints. The chairman. First, lady, in their final steps outside the white house, palace ambling over to the made and we’ll we may perhaps hear from him, but that will be something we’ll have to play back. We don’t have a live picture of that and I creating Peter Alexander into this conversation. I know you’re watching with me and you, as the white house correspondents, have watched many of these differences from the south lawn and they, even though it’s somewhat chore it. It often does depict a army. We don’t see that huge gang of staff today um, but let’s just take a moment and watch these final moments of chairwoman trump and first lady Melania Trump as they board marine one pate home to Florida. We do know now uh what the president just said to the crowd. He said it has been a great honor and an amazing four years. Those were his terms exactly a moment ago, we’ll turn that tape around as soon as we can get it. But right now we will watch marine one as it varies it’s a short ride to joint base Andrews just outside of Washington and that’s where u. s. air force one is pre-positioned ready to do the president and the first lady to mar-a-lago, where the president will live for the Foreseeable future and there it is shot of us air force, won the final season that the president will go in the air force, one in his four-year term yeah and at the air base. We do recognize some well-wishers and fans. We know that the vice president pence will not be there. He said he could not do the kickoff as well as this farewell event, so it’ll be interesting to see. Who is there when chairman trump uh arrives again he’s president until noon today? It is not as if this moment labels the end of anything. It is after the inauguration at noon time, or that president trump will no longer be president of the united states, and, as you spoke about, this is a scene uh. We have pictured many times before, but not at this moment not in the morning and here’s. Some of the strip playback of the president, leaving that final movement that only into our newsroom so we’re showing that final wave from a different vantage point. But he is now the picture on your left is a live scene where naval one is about to depart, but naturally this all would take place after the inaugural after a shaking of paws after a tea after a ceremonial go , nothing of that is happening today. The chairwoman has chosen to leave town early to honcho to this celebration at joint cornerstone, Andrews and then head off to Florida, by Peter. Let me bring you into this because um, you know these final daylights at the white house. I know have been singular. They always are, but it there’s been a real emptying out. We’ve visualize resignations of cabinet secretaries uh as marine one rotors up here, really a different feel in the closing epochs of the authorities concerned, yeah Savannah, that’s exactly right! I was in the west wing briefly yesterday, as members of the president’s faculty were clearing out their tables, some of them leaving notations behind for those that would replace them, but notably, what we’re looking at right now is something that would happen on the east front of The capitol this is something that would happen after the opening session of a new chairman. This president, the first in 152 years, the first living chairperson 152 times not to tar, participate in that peaceful transfer of power at the capitol the inaugural process. Instead, the peaceful move of ability, this day, of course, is being guaranteed is guaranteed by 25 000 national guard troops, who have secured really a massive boundary around Washington. This is a stunning shot to see a shot that we only have on remarkable daytimes like this. A live picture of the president united states boarding marine one for a short trip to joint base Andrews the president, who has been photographed so many times, spoke to the cameras so many times from that arrangement where the red carpet departs. The south portico at the white house doing it for the final term on this day and, as we’ve been discussing this president, who had been eyeing 2024 with speeches early on that it might be on this day that he announced a 2024 presidential bid in some manner To try to overshadow Joe Biden’s victory has in many ways been diminished by the events of the of the last various weeks, those fund rioting’s, the president’s incitement of many of his supporters to foreman there. As you watch marine one pick up as we watch this, I’m struck because we have this wide vantage point of the white house and the whole complex that if you look at the top left of your screen and you if you were to see the street right Across is Blair house and Blair house is where the president-elect, Joe Biden, invested the evening and is right now, and that is as close as the outgoing president and the incoming chairman will come today. This drawing you encounter right there, the outgoing chairperson, trump, the board marine prevailed. It’s taking off about to lift up over the white house will pass over Blair house where the incoming chairman waits to take the oath of office after noon. Today, yes, and now for clarity early today, we heard from a number of members of Joe Biden’s team that there has been no direct contact between the president trump and president-elect Bidden. Of direction , nothing, as you memorandum will happen, face to face and there has been no label of any kind, in hatred, as we were told friends and consultants of the president, pushing him to do simply that. How long is this ride Savannah? Its just a few minutes. Five ten minutes, um yeah, it’s it’s the seam cornerstone. Andrews is just a few minutes outside of Washington and that’s the quickest way to get there marine one, and the committee is also opens that that the journey renders us an incredible and beautiful belief of the nation’s capital and all of its headstones. The united states capital, the Lincoln monumental, the Jefferson, the white house, the Washington monument he is flying over a city in lockdown whose mall is closed witness other than a handful not allowed because of the security concerns and the struggled coup of two weeks ago. So you can imagine, that’s a beautiful fire and what a deem of you that actually exclusively a chairwoman gets and I’m sure a lot of parties are wondering exactly what we trump’s final words are going to be as president of the united states and when he gets there he Will conclude some brief observes and we’ll be curious to see what he says: hey thanks for watching our YouTube channel, find your favorite recipes, celebrity interrogations, uplifting stories store, our favorite administers and so much more with the today app download it. Now you

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