Matt Gaetz’s Fate Has Just Been SEALED 😳

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Matt gates’s fate has just been sealed: [, Music ]. Now, after all the things that we’ve been through matt, you should understand me joel greenberg, like i understand you, so if you don’t know me by now, stay tuned live on monday inside a florida courtroom, matt gates’s partner in alleged underage sex crimes. Inks a plea deal to sing like harold, melvin and the blue notes. I’M a canceled man in some corners of the internet. I might be a wanted man by the deep state, but i am a florida man and it is good to be home, kill that noise congressman because anywhere you are right.

Now you should be weeping rocking back and forth in a fetal position, because you, mr gates, is royally [ __, ] ouch. Putting aside the hilarious fact that a plane flew over the courthouse with a banner that reads: tick-tock matt gates, let’s focus on what’s in greenberg’s, plea deal if you’re a glass half-full type, who always looks on the bright side of any situation and matt gates came to You for some cheering up something positive you could say to the florida republican would be hey at least you’re, not in prison, and it’s true he’s not in prison. Yet in exchange to start snitching greenberg got his stunning 33 federal charges reduced to six. Normally a regular plea deal would have approximately 10 to 12 pages. This plea deal shatters 80 pages, which includes wait for it, crimes of others yep.

His plea doe mentions a downward adjustment at the time of sentencing, translation he’s snitching on everyone in my 30 years. As a prosecutor, i never did draft or execute an 86 page plea agreement. They typically run about 8 10, 12 pages, so i’ve spent a lot of quality time with these 86 pages here, and you know what we see are 60 of the 86 pages are what i would call receipts hard corroboration of the crimes of uh, not only joel Greenberg but the crimes of others now those others are not yet identified, and that’s exactly what i would expect, because the federal prosecutors don’t want to tip their hand until they have indictments arrest warrants and we’re starting to see arrest, photos and perp walks. Quite frankly, but you know the 60 pages of corroborating evidence contained in this plea and cooperation agreement really spell out some troubling crimes, and i think one of the most ominous features of this plea agreement craig, is that the last of the six charges, joel greenberg, just Pleaded guilty to is a charge for a conspiracy to commit offenses against the united states. What does that tell us?

Well, of necessity, a conspiracy means you have co-conspirators, because that is a requirement under the law of conspiracy, that you agreed with one or more persons to commit crimes against the united states, and you took one step toward the commission of those crimes. What we call an overt act, so we already know by virtue of this plea: there are co-conspirators who are likely to be indicted held accountable. We just don’t quite yet know who they are. Prosecutors are getting all of their sort of criminal law ducks in order they want to make sure that if they are going to charge a sitting member of congress, they want an extremely strong case and the one thing nobody wants to go into court with is the Word of joel greenberg, standing alone when you survey the crimes he has admitted to and the other 26 criminal offenses that are being dropped or 27 criminal offenses that are being dropped by the prosecutors. As part of this plea agreement, you know if i’m ever going to put a guy like joel greenberg, on the stand, i am going to make sure i can corroborate him with hard evidence with receipts every which way, rather than ever, asking the jury to rely on His word standing alone, we still don’t have confirmation of whether matt gates is one of the men.

Greenberg says he witnessed having sex with an underage girl, but on the previous court date, greenberg’s lawyer publicly stated that gates had a lot to worry about. So greenberg has clearly coughed up evidence against gates on some criminal charge. This hearing was more about whether the judge found the plea deal acceptable. The judge did allow the deal to go through today and greenberg pleaded guilty, thus sealing the fate of everyone. Greenberg has flipped on when asked by reporters.

If this plea deal impacts, matt gates, joel greenberg’s, attorney fritz shell promises must see television yikes does my client have information that could hurt an elected official. I guess this is just you know: must-see television, [, Music ]. It’S is late now. I remember everything.

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