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After last week’s deadly riot at the united states capitol building, there are growing calls for a u.s senator from Texas Ted cruz to be disbarred or resigned immediately. Can the junior senator survive the aftermath kid’s Jenny lee finds out usa, it’s the worst day in our country since 9, 11.. Many consider January 6, one of the darkest days in u.s history, millions watched as a mob broke into the u.s capitol, forcing lawmakers to hide thousands of rioters destroyed property. Five people died, democracy is in crisis and just hours after the capitol hallways have been cleared. Senators, ted Cruz and Josh valley continued to lead the charge to object to president-elect Joe Biden’s electoral college votes calls for their resignations came in quick from both sides of the aisle matt makoviak is the chairman of the Travis county Republican party. He says: Cruz’s political gamble did not pay off. This obviously has gone very badly for him, both in terms of in the senate in terms of the relationships he has there and the vote, but then since then, that not only is he having Democrats call for him to resign in newspaper editorial boards, but he’s even Having some friends criticized him on the record and so yeah, this is the probably the toughest thing that he’s gone through. Gene yoon, who went to Princeton university with senator Cruz, says his former classmate incited a riot. He is one of nearly 6 thousand who signed a petition calling for the senator’s debarment. You know it’s disgusting and uh. It’S you know very much aligned with his behavior over his entire political career that all of his classmates or a lot of his classmates have observed, and it’s become a stain on our class mckoviak says. While these calls for this barman and resignations have hurt senator cruz in the short term, it’s not likely the senator will resign and it won’t affect him in the long run as for a presidential run in 2024, it’s still too early for that discussion. Jennie lee kvue news on Sunday Republican lawmaker, lyle larson, said senator cruz needs to be quiet and quote: stop embarrassing himself. End quote, and today, former Texas lieutenant governor david dewhurst, says the senate should censor cruz and hawley for their roles in last week’s mob violence. At the u.s capitol, we also reached out to cruz’s office for a comment and have not heard back

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