Houston Texans Deshaun Watson accuser makes her identity public

Jul 17, 2021 | News

Greg Abbott makes early strides in banning them from being required right here in the Lone Star State. The ISA Factor, uncensored starts right now. And welcome to the factor on since it will the problems keep mounting for Houston Texans quarterback to Shawn Watson as finally today, the first victim, the first woman to file a lawsuit against him for sexual harassment and assault. Came forward and spoke publicly. We had a chance to hear from her and our panel tonight.

I got into massage therapy that he will be. You hear their minds and bodies? And bring peace of their souls. The shot wasn’t has brought me of that. And our panel joins us now here on the factor on sensor to talk about this bombshell of a press conference from attorney Tony Busby, who is suing to Shawn Watson of the Houston Texans, and today.

Guys we just heard from Ashley. So lease. She is the first woman to file a lawsuit against the Shawn Watson some powerful words from her. The lowers your thoughts on hearing from actually so leads for the first time. Well, first I want to say my heart and thoughts are with both Ashley Lauren and the rest of the survivors.

I think it’s just very it was disgusting to hear, but I think it’s a clear awakening to what’s going on in the world right now. The sports world represents America, and when the sports world is messed up, it illuminates what’s going on in the rest of the world s 02, C D. Shawn Watson in this this this. Predicament We need you to do. I will say we need to do a better job protecting women.

I’m not saying he’s guilty, but the evidence is pretty. But I would like a style also think about all the other powerful men. In the world right now, but I am incredibly proud of Ashley for just standing up and speaking out because it’s incredibly hard. The media might tear her apart, but she should know that. They’re people with her like me that are just pulling for her did to stand strong In this moment, Kim was bring you into the conversation, putting a face on all of this.

Initially we were talking about anonymous complainants. People without names without faces. Jane Doe’s out there, and it was easy for the public.

You dismiss it. Now that we have a face at least one face and the second victim’s name.

Will that make a difference with those fans? Who were Doggett out there, saying all of this is complete Bull lies. And now we’re seeing human being saying this is what happened to me, even though we don’t know its true yet, but we’re seeing faces. Well, I want to start with the end of your what you just said, like I’m a woman, so obviously the whole sexual assault and abuse thing you know, is important that it be handled properly to me. I’m also a journalist, and it’s really important for me that we wait for the facts.

And so while Ashley Story was heartfelt, I’m not here to debate her story because that’s not my role. I’m not a lawyer. We still don’t know the facts of the case. And so I think.

When I watched the press conference, you can’t you can’t help but be like, feels something from watching this young woman and tell her truth, Okay?

Then when I see them bring out somebody talking about human trafficking down the more Because what you’re doing is you’re completing the situation. And you now saying that the sun watching is a human trafficker and kept because those are words that we use, so it’s still messes up. Right. Whatever actually came to share and bring to me. That was both of the kinds of activities that are going to make it challenging for people who want to really support this, Sean, whether they should or not.

I don’t have a dog in that fight. You’re getting away from what the story is.

They were piling on in your opinion, at least didn’t lead us that illegals that because he’s not been accused of human expert pours out her love for Tony above the and about human trafficking. She gives all these stocks We know it’s an issue. Hey, that’s not the case today isn’t or have I missed something.

Thanks Oh, I just think it still is. From the lawyer. A lot of aunt it’s and a lot of show the conflicts where top of like you’re going to say the man was human trafficking. You need to say that, But if not, don’t bring the person that sort of human trafficking because we all know human trafficking. Is this horrible?

So the answer your question, putting a face with it. It does. It makes it more real for some feet from me and make the same place when I first heard it. I say they should be checked out. I don’t feel any differently the day and I still want to see the facts of the case born out because we still don’t have all the facts yet, and that’s the way I see them.

Oliver Brown your thoughts on the press conference today and hearing from actually so lease and ah, letter from one of the other victims in this case, you let me repeat that alleged victims or accusers in this case in I like to compliment Kim on what she highlighted there as far saying, Let’s let’s look at facts. Absolutely great. Correct One thing. I’m very concerned about this case. Now that Tony Buns we sat there and said, Oh, they didn’t want all this attention.

Well, you’re the one he come into the media bringing the attention. Okay. These ladies they filed under Jane Doe, which that’s her legal, right? Okay. But after the initial press conference, that should have been it.

This is going this case is about to do a disservice to victims.

That’s what I’m concerned about. And then they parade around. These quote unquote experts is Dr Hamilton but then says that’s her street name. So is this really a doctor?

Or is that just a street name? They call you, Doc? Doc Okay, um, when I heard. The letter that she supposedly wrote those toe, help. Come over, overcome this sexual assault.

It was written very, very technical, which that’s gonna that’s gonna bring in a lot of scrutiny once we get into a trial room. Um, I think that. The I think what Rusty Hardin is doing staying out of the media. He’s not trying to litigate the case in the media.

I think it’s excellent.

I think, Tony Busby, maybe a little bit concerned about the strength of his case, and so he’s trying to use media pressure. And then complete all these issues into it to make him look so bad that it will force him into a settlement. Me gonna take a quick break here, Oliver and we’ll come back and continue our discussion on this press conference involving the And welcome back to the factor on since it For the first time we’ve heard one of the accuser’s alleged victims in the new Shawn Watson case. She’s identified herself as actually so least one of the first to file a lawsuit and she’s a massage therapist off Oliver will continue will allow you to continue here now. Asli was addressing these quote unquote experts there was AH buried.

Huge misstatement by one of the ladies.

She said that there’s a lot of CDs and moving forward in a criminal case or the victim. That’s false. If you were a victim of sexual assault, there’s a whole division here in Harris County and multiple counties that deals specifically with taking your case in and they’re also giving me resource is I think that was a very. Ad statement made by by this quote unquote expert and then said, Well, the civil route, It’s easier.

No, the civil right route is actually harder and down at the district attorney’s office. They have an entire division for five. Supporting helps for victims of sexual assault, and so, please, if you’re if you’re a victim of sexual assault, please reach out to the county.

They have the resource is Kim Ogg. The office has a whole vision set up for it, And you all can contact him and they will get you help, And it’s not gonna cost really quick.

Oliver, One of the things you mentioned was how rusty hardness handled this case. Do you think it was a good move for him to say we have a team or masseuse? Massage therapists out there who will vouch for him? So people get the image in their mind. What is it with all of these massage therapists?

Well, And you talking about at least 40 now? Yes So, Yeah. If you take the 18 and 20 to 40, I think what he’s trying to say is that that’s something that he spends his money.

Sure it may not be actual sports massages it maybe central massages. And as we know, there’s plenty of places throughout Houston that provide that service is that does not make it criminal for YouTube.

Want to, you know, Use your money to just have different women Rub on, you know s so long. Is this consensual, so maybe they’re setting the foundation for that. But again, I love Oliver. Let’s bring in Dolores again. Delores one of things that actually it’s so Lee said Woz.

We were all deceived into thinking to Shawn Watson is a good guy. Unfortunately we know good guys can do terrible things. Your thoughts. On that comment. And what does that mean to you?

I think it’s it appears that actually was misled and thought that dish on Watson was this great guy that we see in the media. But shortly after fee, I guess got the downfall of what transpired after the massage. Kim you thoughts on that that statement, you know again actually spoke her truth. That’s what she is. Of course she’s incredibly disappointed, and I’m not here to say she should not be.

But I will say is. These kind of starts that’s going Tony Busby dead makes it really hard for all of the women who really do suffer from sexual assault to come forward because it brings on a level of scrutiny and criticism. That makes it difficult because this is a real thing. It does happen, but to try to try this case in the media, it’s about publicity. And unfortunately, the plaintiffs are kind of pawns in it to me, and that’s unfortunate.

Let’s get to the truth and see what happened. And I’m not willing to say that was Shaun. Rocks is not a good guy yet. I’m just 20 seconds last 20 seconds only. Oliver.

Go ahead, wrap it up for us. One thing that I’ll just be with Jim on today, and I’ve agreed with everything. I don’t want to hear about her truth. I won’t hear about the truth. That’s all not want the truth because her truth may not be the truth and that because they’ve done to him they’ve already assassinated scared if you assassinated man’s character, your minds will kill him.

All right. We want to thank you guys for joining us here on the factor around.

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