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Every successful business is built on a foundation of help.

  1. The help you provide to your clients or customers, through your services or products.
  2. The help you require in order for your business to thrive.

If either of those areas are neglected, the business suffers.

  1. If the quality of help you provide is matched or overtaken by your competitors, your business will stop growing and then shrink.
  2. If the help you require in order to thrive is missing, your business will stop growing and then shrink.

Most small business owners are very good at offering help. But they’re lousy at asking for it. This holds true even when they are 100% certain they need help. For some, the block is a financial one.

But for most it’s the inability to emotionally understand the difference between a cost and an investment.

  • On an intellectual level they know the difference and they can see that they have a problem that needs investing in.
  • But on an emotional level, they freeze.

As we face the months ahead, our thinking must be intellectually and emotionally aligned. That’s because knowing what to do is pointless, if we fail to do it.

A proven starting point is to examine the excuses we tell ourselves, in order to self-justify why we’re refusing to do what’s needed. Then consider where our inaction will lead us. We find it’s like wanting our flowers to grow, yet starving them of the water and sunshine they need.

Ultimately, when we work against what is right, it keeps going wrong. We know this to be true.

The next step is to believe it.

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