‘Help is on the way’ as $1,400 stimulus checks get approved

Mar 11, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Well, today marks one year since the u.s shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic. Wake up charles tracy pottsworth is now from dc and tracy. Now, one year later, president biden getting ready to sign what is the country’s third coven stimulus package hi ben good morning good morning. Everyone moving forward with that massive stimulus plan just approved by congress, including fourteen hundred dollar payments. More on that from the president tonight to reach those who have been hit the hardest. President biden will address the nation tonight marking one year since the coronavirus pandemic shut down america, i’m going in prime time address the american people and talk about what we’ve been through. As a nation this past year, but more importantly, i’m going to talk about what comes next next, getting 300 million people vaccinated, 90 percent of people are still unprotected and not yet vaccinated. The federal government is ordering 100 million more doses of the one-shot johnson and johnson vaccine promising enough for every adult by the end of may, the motion is adopted. The american rescue plan, just approved by congress, includes seven and a half billion dollars for vaccine distribution. This isn’t a rescue bill, it isn’t a relief bill, it’s a longer list of left wing priorities. The plan includes aid for governments, schools, businesses and families. You will receive 1400 dollar checks by the end of march. Help is on the way direct deposits could start next week. Not one republican voted for it concerned about the 1.9 trillion dollar price tag. Beware, there’s no such thing as free money. What is wrong with you? We are going to act with the fierce urgency of now. Now new cases, hospitalizations and death rates are dropping. As president biden prepares to sign the bill tomorrow, then he hits the road to sell it to the public, starting in pennsylvania on tuesday.

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