COVID-19 unemployment benefits ending

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It is a story that many of you are clicking online tonight. As a top read story, unemployed, texans are about to be cut off from a major benefit. Jonathan palasic is breaking down. What exactly is changing good evening, jonathan good evening, tatum i’ll start here. This change will not go into effect until next month, so there is still time to prepare and that extra 300 tacked on top of the federal Unemployment benefits are also ending the governor using this as an incentive to get people back into the workforce.

If you’re on Unemployment commit this date to memory june 26th, the governor has announced that, as of june 26 of this year, texas will stop participating in the in the pandemic. Unemployment programs through the arpa, which was the american recovery plan act. So what does this mean for people receiving those benefits? If, if they are on the current state Unemployment benefits, they would get that they wouldn’t get the 300 additional uh if they are honest on a federal extension in that state, however, those benefits would expire now they may be eligible for state benefits. It really kind of depends on a case-by-case basis.

In the case of texas, there is a surplus of job opportunities. That’S in part why the extra benefits are ending. There are actually more jobs out there than we have people looking for right now in texas, we have about a million jobs available in texas right now, so there’s a lot of opportunities out there and a lot of people been holding back and it made sense during The pandemic to be a little cautious there. There are a lot of people in midland odessa out of work. The Unemployment rate is above the state average 6.

percent before the pandemic. That number in midland odessa hovered around 2 percent. What we’re seeing is texas has, as a whole, is coming back, we’re seeing a lot of those industries coming back, so i think you know you’re going to see some some movement on those numbers as well. Obviously we want to get back to where we were at the beginning of pandemic and with all the jobs out there, texas workforce commission has resources to help get those positions filled. We have been providing a lot of job resources and we continue to.

We have two jobs, websites, and and, and both those job sites have the same jobs. They have a little bit of different services attached to them. Now.

Abbott also said that, when making this decision, part of the reason was to reduce the number of fraudulent Unemployment claims. According to the twc, abbott said that about 18 percent of Unemployment claims filed during the pandemic were either confirmed or suspected of being fraudulent reporting live in odessa, jonathan palasic, newsweek, 9

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