California again seeing spike in COVID-19 cases

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Tami We begin this half hour with the Coronavirus in California We’re following up with state leaders on the likelihood covid restrictions could be put back into place. … California is seeing a spike in the state’s covid-19 positivity rate and number of cases..

17’S Ashley zavala reports *PK*. It’S now been more than a month since California ditched most of its covid related restrictions, … And now, starting to see increases across the board.

.. Again, The California department of public health Friday reported another jump in the state’s positivity rate..

Now, at 3.7 %, The number has nearly tripled from the start of July..

When the rate was 1.4 %, The state reported more than 4,600 new cases.., With more than 1700 hospitalizations the most since April, As cities and counties across California see an increase in cases.


Some are now encouraging masks, …

Los Angeles county is mandating it State health officials Friday urged everyone to get vaccinated, but would not say whether statewide restrictions are coming …. A spokesperson said in a statement in part “. We continue as always to support the ability of local health jurisdictions to enact stricter local public health guidance that is tailored to the situation in their communities, as some counties have done.

“ Experts point to the rapidly spreading infectious delta variant. The latest state data shows that variant has accounted for 48 % of the most recent specimens sequenced “. We have to realize this idea that somehow we’re vaccinated and done with the pandemic is not right. What we have to do is realize that we have to combine vaccines with other precautionary measures that we know work.


Yaneer bar- yam is the founder of the covid action group and has warned without restrictions. … The virus could become endemic. Dr

Yaneer bar- yam “ The longer we wait, the more we’ll have more variants, undermining the vaccines and it will be harder and harder to stop this virus. .” ( ( az, ) ). We did reach out to governor Gavin Newsom for comment, but his office referred us to the department of public health in sacramento ashley zavala 17 news Tami Here in Kern County we’re seeing the delta covid-19 variant, beg

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