3 Reasons Why Custom Matchboxes are Perfect for Marketing

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As a company, you’re always looking for the “best ways” to market your business. There are thousands of books, courses, and interviews with the best of the best sharing their chosen path to success. In a way, it’s a double-edged sword—there are so many ideas, which is wonderful! But there are also so many ideas that it can be hard to find the best fit for your company.

custom matchboxes

Today, we’re going to delve into a marketing idea that’s been around for quite some time—custom matchboxes. The hope is the more you understand about the various marketing methods in the world, the better suited you’ll be to choose what works best for you. We’ll delve into some of the reasons why custom matchboxes are perfect for marketing and answer key questions about them. Check it out!

They’re Useful

Probably the simplest reason businesses choose custom matchboxes is because they’re useful. Branded apparel and custom desk accessories might not catch the customer’s eye. They might misplace these items or find no use for them—and that is exactly what you want to avoid. However, when people receive a set of matches from you, that will stick with them. Why? Because the next time they light their favorite candle or the birthday candles for their child, they’ll see your brand name—emotion plays a massive role in memory!

They Stand Out

Sure, matchboxes are small, and there’s always a chance that a customer could lose the box, just like they lost the desk accessory. However, how you design your matchbox can play a large role in how excited your customers are to receive it. In general, a beautiful matchbox will stand out, especially in comparison to business cards. A business that hands out something that’s easy to use but is also unique and unexpected will draw more respect from customers.

They’re Simple

One of our favorite reasons why custom matchboxes are perfect for marketing has to do with how simple they are. They’re not the most expensive promotional product in the world, so you can feel secure when creating them. Additionally, when you buy in bulk, which is the best path for promotional items, your business can even save money. The simplicity of matchboxes isn’t just good for your business, but it’s something customers will appreciate as well—even if it’s just for their usefulness!

Now let’s tackle some of those questions you probably have.

What Businesses Should Offer Matchboxes?

Almost any business can benefit from giving out matchboxes, but especially small businesses. Even if your company hands out business cards often, custom matchboxes can act as a nice change of pace. Further, businesses that don’t hand out business cards (for example, restaurants) can offer a promotional item in their place. In fact, matchboxes are one of the best promotional items for restaurants because you can easily keep them at the bar or host stand for easy access.

Why Should You Give Matchboxes Away?

We talked about the reasons why matchboxes make good marketing tools, but why else should you give them away? Promotional items make an impact on customers. When all you do is simply runyour business and don’t promote it, then you risk people forgetting you. Matchboxes give people a reason to remember you!

What Should You Put On Your Matches?

If you’ve decided that matchboxes are the best option for your business, then make sure you’re putting the right information on it. Your brand name is imperative, and for some, that’s all they choose. For others, they also add the address, the phone number, and other additional contact information. Play with what works best for the business, and you’re sure to find success.


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